Erenti’s much anticipated 3rd collection

Erenti is renowned for longline hems and clean lines, translating classic African tailoring into contemporary looks for the modern man. Now the designer label is launching its third campaign with a bold collection entitled “Reflection is Self”. 

 Already worn by a host of celebrities including Kojo The Comedian and Nollywood actor Siruti, Erenti has appeared at both African Fashion Week London and Lagos, New York Fashion Week, and on Britain’s Got Talent. The third collection, which launches soon is full of vibrant colours and positions Erenti as the go-to brand for weddings, awards ceremonies, and other big-name events. 

The release comes at an important time in global history when after months of social distancing people everywhere have been presented with an unprecedented opportunity to get to know themselves. Isolation has forced us to ask important questions about who we are, who we want to be, and how to become the best version of ourselves, and “Reflection Is Self” is the embodiment of this next chapter in our lives. 

The collection has been captured by commended fashion photographer Phiwo Ndowu on location in London. It combines contemporary silhouettes with clean lines, in a range of vibrant colours including saffron, coral and navy blue. 

Erenti's founder, designer Osborne Ojarimoni explained, “Our inspiration and dedication is to ensure our clients get a bespoke kaftan piece made to the same standards as can be expected from Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. We are tired of the narrative of going to a high street local tailor and having paid for a rushed kaftan piece that in most cases can never be worn again based on either quality or the undervalue of the garment. This has to change. We want our clients to feel love for each piece and feel self-assured of their appearance at every event.”

Styles come in a variety of colourways and are almost always worn as a co-ord. 

Photograph of “Reflection is Self” by Phiwo Ndowu & Mollana Burke, and the accompanying video directed by Mollana Burke and styled by Simon Ojarimoni/Osborne Ojarimoni/Linkeovie.